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After the declaration of the Museum of the Mummies of the town of Quinto as a World Heritage Site, there has been an outbreak of visitors eager to see something unique with their own eyes: a collection of 15 mummies from the 18th and 19th centuries, declared as the The only mummies in the world that have managed to be preserved in a natural way during all this time.

Faced with this situation, the mummies have acquired incalculable value, so the Quinto City Council has decided to hire a security guard to safeguard such a precious treasure during the night.

And here you are… After a tough selection process you have been chosen and today is your first day at work.

12 pm. The bells of the Piquete ring and you go out for the first round to check that everything is in order. Suddenly, you hear a creak in the area where the mummies are located and you head there in a hurry.

You can’t believe what your eyes are seeing. One of the mummies is perfectly incorporated on its fragile and worn bones.

You close your eyes tightly. This must be a dream… Counts to 10; you open your eyes…. can not be! Now all the mummies are standing, staring at you as they approach …

You stay paralyzed, you don’t know whether to run or wait for the terrible outcome …