Retrospective is a cultural urban regeneration project of the Quinto City Council that aims to rescue interesting examples of advertising graphic heritage through artistic interventions at street level. A long-term initiative (four years) that will create a kind of open-air museum of old advertising. The tour will grow with new pieces and actions year after year, step by step, action after action.

This first edition (2023) flourishes in spring with the participation of different artists and professionals.

Posters, businesses and photographs of yesteryear

The project aims to be something alive, dynamic, plural with the sum of different themes and actions. One line of work will be to pay homage and recover old town businesses from oblivion through manual lettering, following the style of advertisements found in old yearbooks and local festival programs.

The second line of action will be a journey through a selection of old advertising posters that will allow us to discover how they dressed, how they worked, how they ate or played. Authentic works of art in many cases from when neons did not exist and color was a luxury.

In addition, expressions and slogans with pedigree will be dusted off and in this retrospective look images of those quintanos and quintanas that were will also be brought to light. Through a “historical match” to a click, the theme and motives of the posters represented in the interventions will be linked to images and scenes of the town in black and white.