Quinto is part of the Mudéjar Territory Association, since its constitution, being a member of the Board of Directors. It was born as an association of town councils whose objective is to strengthen a unified and collaborative management network for the use of historical-artistic resources linked to the important Mudejar heritage, understanding them as an engine for the development of peoples and as an element of identity for the maintenance of communities. that make up our territory.

The TERRITORIO MUDÉJAR association presents itself as a private management entity with the participation of public administrations based on a project whose work has a direct impact on the territory through the responsible and sustainable management of the Mudéjar Cultural Heritage.

Its general objective is to promote study, dissemination and promotion activities on the Mudéjar Art of Aragón in all its extension -architecture, movable and immovable property, urban planning, affected territory, population, society and culture-, as well as the promotion of art and heritage management initiatives that serve for its better evaluation, conservation and knowledge.